Service Support


Established in 1990 under the name “Alternative Weighing Services”, Weigh-More Solutions is a privately owned Australian company that has grown to become one of Australia’s largest and most respected industrial weighing specialist suppliers. We have a principal focus on weighbridge systems, instrumentation, and manufacture. The company invested very heavily in the design of sophisticated software suites to include practical applications for both weighbridge and batching plant requirements.


Keeping your 106/108 and other brands of weighbridge properly serviced is important to prevent premature wear of bearings and load cell parts. During the service visit our skilled technicians will provide as a minimum the following important services and checks:
  • Jack, grease, and inspect all load cells and pendle bearing and locating plates 
  • Check and adjust buffer stops to allow correct and minimum movement of the weighbridge deck. This is important! Too much and parts wear, too little and the weighbridge deck will bind 
  • Inspect all interconnecting cabling
  • Check junction box for moisture and inspect wiring terminations
  • Inspect and check all remote display and primary display wiring
  • Certification visit includes full testing and calibration with our weighbridge test truck and operator. Certification by our licensed technical staff: Licence No: SV1334
  • Non-certification visits will include run, end tests, and general weight tests with available tipper or loader, or may include weight test depending on contract inclusions 
  • Provide a detail report of current condition of the weighbridge 
Another of the many advantages to these agreements is monitoring of servicing and re-certification dates for the instrument by us from our database. The certification frequency in NSW has changed to a mandatory two (2) years between certifications. With this, however, has come a less forgiving approach by the Office of Fair Trading Inspectors towards companies who may have no servicing program in place. They will be looking rather dimly upon owners who choose to do the minimum in regards to maintaining the accuracy and condition of this important piece of capital equipment. We cannot recommend highly enough given these changes the need to have a licensed weighbridge servicing company like us (license no: SV1334) looking after your weighbridges and associated systems.
We can tailor our servicing programs to meet your requirements with our silver service option as an affordable plan with add-on benefits. The silver service option offers unlimited maintenance labour hours by trained, licensed technical staff. This option may also help to fix budgets for maintaining your weighbridge equipment. Also, our plain English service agreements provide preferred customer response times on service calls. The easy to read agreement details terms, conditions, and inclusions.
If you are also fortunate enough to be using our quality weighbridge management software product range, it is also beneficial to sign on as a VIP software assurance customer. This agreement entitles you to the many online and over-the-phone support services, and you will receive FREE version upgrades of the programs as they become available.
Please feel free to contact your technical salesperson if you have any queries about the service and support agreements,
Kind regards,