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EzyWeigh Version 6

EZYWeigh Version 6new rich User Interfaces with latest technology & standards.Information easily available from anywhere, even on mobile or tablets

Centralized information management on hosted cloud, no infrastructure and maintenance costs of setting up server locally. (On premises server installation option available).

EZYWEIGH WIN Client allowsmultiple client installations, view reports, connect and control traffic management.Work online/offline, automaticData synchronization. Web CentralApplication includes centralised storing of information in Cloud for all connected sites. Managers & staffcan edit & report on data from any connected device.No infrastructure costs, need only a PC on the site with internet connectivity, easy deployment.

Weigh-More Solutions are proud to bring to market our leading weighing, transaction management software suite. Manage vehicle fleets with tables providing fields to store  registration, fleet number, electronic ID, multiple tares, vehicle configurations, gross vehicle mass (GVM), tare validity.

Link Vehicle to customers, contractors, jobs, products, destinations & transaction become very fast to process. This same design theme carries throughout the EZYWeigh software range at transaction time process vehicles and loads fast, and limiting human error.

Features of our Weighbridge Software

Weighbridge Software Support Servcies

Weigh-More Solutions provides you with exceptional and timely IT Support for your software solutions. 

We offer our clients:

a) Software & Hardware Service Level Assurance, including VIP & Standard phone and online support desk premiums

b) Version upgrades as available

c) Onsite system maintenance & service visits, which may be used for additional training and system updates