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Model AWS106 / AWS108 Concrete Weighbridges for Sale

Colyer Fehr - Full bridge
  • Australian Made Composite Concrete Deck Designs
  • 4 – 56 metres long,  3 – 4 metre wide, custom design available
  • Full turnkey project consultation,  supply, civils, gatehouse, software, traffic management, weighbridge auditing technology
  • Highest quality European Digital Technology components
  • After-market service contracts available, calibration by licenced NMI Verifiers
  • National Measurement Institute Approved: 6/10B/69
Concrete Weighbridge 1Concrete Weighbridge 1

The Weigh-More Solutions AWS106 & 108 Composite Weighbridges are designed using a combination of galvanized universal beams, and PFC end sections. The heavy duty deck is constructed onsite in position from reinforced concrete. The Weigh-More Solutions AWS106/108 is a quality durable design to M1600 and referencing the Latest Australian Standard for Bridges AS/NZS 5100.- 2017.  Design inclusions like gusset supports along the universal beams, and re-bar tied into the deck mesh & bar will give greater strength than other weighbridges offered, including imported composite weighbridge kits of lesser quality. 

** All of our products have been designed and manufactured to operate in the  harsh climates, dusty and sometimes very dirty environments.

AWS106-2 Weighbridge
AWS106-3 Weighbridge

The Weigh-More Solutions AWS106 Surface weighbridge is normally constructed above ground with the deck 400 mm above the surrounding road levels, with gently sloping ramps approximately 5 meters long at each end, connecting the access road. The design also allows for a Semi-Inground installation with the deck to be installed in a wide shallow pit so the deck can be in line with existing road levels to save space, and / or to allow for end to end weighing with our EZYWeigh Software, to capture axle group weights and split weigh vehicles longer than the weighbridge.

The Weigh-More Solutions AWS108 Pit weighbridge designed to go into a pit as the name suggests and often become part of the site’s hardstand or driveway, this design suits sites with limited available space. Pit weighbridges usually do not need On or Off ramps, or guide rails, also access can be engineered into the concrete decks for maintenance & cleaning.  


The design of our pit weighbridges allows the system to be constructed with or without curbs. Full steel construction and composite steel and concrete designs are available. Our quality pit weighbridge can be ordered in lengths from 4m – 50m and longer by simply adding weighbridge modules in line to make the required overall length. Combinations and configurations can allow the introduction of axle and gross weighing depending on application requirements. Other special sizes can be designed, engineered, and purpose built to suit your unique requirements if necessary. The Pit Weighbridge may allow for end to end weighing with our EZYWeigh Software, to capture axle group weights and split weigh vehicles longer than the weighbridge.

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